#409 : New Year. New Ideas. New America.

Economic populism, a progressive foreign policy and the shape of America’s future. Plus what’s next for affordable health care?

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The midterm mandate on economic populism, why we need a progressive mandate on foreign policy, and after a judge rules ACA unconstitutional, what’s next?

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Adam Green

Adam Green is an advocate for progressive change at the local, state and national levels. He says if there is one lesson to learn from the midterms .. it’s that economic populism is the new mainstream.

Eric Lutz

The President’s Foreign Policy agenda is increasingly reckless with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle clearly unnerved. Our next guest says the time is long overdue for progressives to step up.

Alice Ollstein

Coming up, Bill Press talks with Politico’s Health Care Reporter Alice Ollstein about the Affordable Health Care Act after the latest judicial ruling and the political agenda behind it.

Jim Hightower

Our “War” President

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