#406 : Reversing the damage of the Trump Administration.

Reversing the damage of the Trump Administration. How to right the wrongs of Jeff Sessions’ drug policy. How the midterms delivered a call to action on climate change.  Plus, is it time to kill the lame duck?

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Marijuana legalization as a gateway to social justice.  Plus, the policies that can confront climate change and the politicians who will fight for them. And Bill Press talks about election fraud and GOP power grabs with ThinkProgress reporter Addy Baird.

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Sit back and listen, then stand up and fight!

Jessica Ennisz

The President continues to attack the Paris Climate Agreement and deny the threat of global warming. Our first guest says  new leadership in the house and in state legislatures offers hope for change.

Michael Collins

Pro-marijuana candidates won big in the midterm elections. Our next guest says they open the window to replace the war on drugs with drug policies that express the ideals of racial and social justice

Addy Baird

Bill Press talks with Addy Baird of ThinkProgress about election fraud in North Carolina, voter suppression in Georgia, and the faulty logic of lame duck power grabs.

Jim Hightower

Trumps Post Office.

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