#404 : Looking ahead to 2020

Looking ahead to 2020. Winning over the white working class. What will it take? Plus, making the case for a national popular vote. And, Bill Press with a an early look at the candidates who could take on Trump.

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What progressive Democrats need to do now to regain the white working class vote. Plus, inside the movement for a national popular vote and the difference it could make. And Bill Press talks about what the midterms tell us about who could run and win in the next race for President.

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Justin Guest

Justin Guest has written extensively about our nation’s white working class voters.  He says that Democrats still have a long way to go to to regain the ground they’ve lost to Donald Trump.

Karen Hobert Flynn

As it stands now,  the 2018 midterms popular vote went overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats in the House with a margin not seen since 1974. And once again, that did not necessarily translate into electoral wins.  In an encore interview, our next guest says it’s time to value all votes equally … and why a national popular vote for President is the way to do it.

Hanna Trudo

Bill Press talks with Hanna Trudo, national politics reporter at National Journal about who may appear on the 2020 ballot for President.

Jim Hightower

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