#390 : The war on poverty is far from over. So what should we do now?

The war on poverty is far from over. So what should we do now? The fallacy of “work requirements” for the poor. The possibility of a maximum wage for the rich. Plus Bill Press talks with Ben Wikler, Washington Director of MoveOn.Org.

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Elizabeth Lower-Basch of the Center for Law and Social Policy explains why work requirements don’t work for people receiving federal assistance. Author Sam “Pizzigati makes a case for a maximum wage. Plus, Bill Press talks with Ben Wikler of MoveOn.Org about the grassroots movement to elect progressive democrats.

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Elizabeth Lower-Basch

Despite a recent decision in Kentucky to block work requirements for Medicaid patients, the Trump Administration remains intent in pursuing the policy. Elizabeth Lower-Basch has a long history inside and outside of government figuring out the best ways to assist struggling families.  In this encore interview, she says that “work requirements” for people on public assistance is exactly not the way to help.

Sam Pizzigati

Income inequality in America is now at a rate we haven’t seen in close to 100 years.  In a new book, author Sam Pizzigati says it’s time to resurrect an idea once endorsed by President Franklin  D. Roosevelt … a maximum wage for our nation’s highest earners.

Ben Wikler

Bill Press talks with Ben Wikler on MoveOn.Org on why progressive ideas are winning elections.

Jim Hightower

Shame of Climate Change Deniers

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