#389 : The Supreme Court is challenging our democracy.

The Supreme Court is challenging our democracy, and why we need to fight back. How a recent decision undermines the right to vote. Plus, the potential impact of a Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. And, Bill Press with Dan Kildee on the President’s performance in Helsinki and what he wants his Republican counterparts to do about it.

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Anisha Singh of the Center for American Progress reviews the disturbing record of Donald Trump’s newest Supreme Court nominee. The Nation’s John Nichols explains the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on voter purging. Plus, Bill Press with Congressman Dan Kildee on his reaction to President Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin.

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Anisha Singh

Anisha Singh works to engage young activists and leaders in the political process. She says Brett Kavanaugh is an alarming choice for the Supreme Court who could have an impact on their lives  for decades to come.

John Nichols

A recent Supreme Court decision gives a green light to the practice of voter purging. Journalist John Nichols says it’s  another blow to free and fair elections, and one that voters can resist.

Dan Kildee

Bill Press talks with Congressman Dan Kildee. In the wake of Helsinki, he says it’s time for the Republicans to step up.

Jim Hightower

Koch industries doesn’t just lobby government

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