#387 : A Nation More Divided.

A Nation More Divided. How policing and prison is dividing cities. How the GOP tax plan is widening the gap between rich and poor. Plus, how Democrats can unite around a message of progressive change.

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Author Dan Cooper on the devastating impact of a criminal justice system that targets poor neighborhoods. Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers International Union on the stock buyback bonanza fueled by the GOP tax plan. Plus, Bill Press with Mike Lux, author of “How to Democrat in the Age of Trump.”

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Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper is a scholar and activist who fights for more equitable cities. He says  policies designed to keep our cities safe are only deepening the cycle of violence and poverty.

Leo Gerard

Leo Gerard is President of North America’s largest industrial union. He says  the plan to cut American’s taxes has been a windfall for corporate executives at the expense of American workers.

Mike Lux

Bill Press talks with Mike Lux, author of “How to Democrat in the Age of Trump.”

Jim Hightower

The New York Times strikes out

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