#384 : A Supreme Court decision strikes a blow to workers rights.

Rights Matter. A Supreme Court decision strikes a blow to workers rights. Plus, how denying the right to vote to felons strikes a blow to democracy.

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Labor law scholar Alexander Colvin explains why a recent decision on arbitration will have far ranging impact for workers’ rights. Nicole Porter of the Sentencing Project tells us why at least 6 million Americans are denied the right to vote. And Bill Press talks with Sam Baker about what’s coming up next at the Supreme Court and another setback for Affordable Healthcare.

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Alexander Colvin

Alexander Colvin is one of the nation’s foremost experts on workplace arbitration.  He says that the recent Supreme Court decision to deny the right for employees to engage in class action lawsuits is “backlash on steroids” to the movement for workers rights.

Nicole Porter

Nicole Porter is an advocate for eliminating racial disparities in the criminal justice system. She says the practice of denying felons the right to vote has deep historical roots designed to limit the vote to wealthy and white elites.

Sam Baker

Bill Press talks with Sam Baker of Axios on the latest battle over affordable healthcare that could jeopardize legal protections on pre-existing medical conditions.

Jim Hightower

Could you live on “Psychic Income?”

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