#376 : From the ballot box in Ohio to a global uprising.

From the ballot box in Ohio to a global uprising. The political power of the working class.

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Author Annelise Orleck on how poverty wages have sparked a worldwide labor movement. Historian John Russo on the populist economic agenda that Democrats need to win back the working class. Plus Bill Press talks with Joe Cirincione about what Donald Trump might accomplish in sitting down with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.

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Annelise Orleck

Historian Annelise Orleck traveled the world to write a book about  workers who live on poverty wages. What she found gave her a renewed sense of hope and possibility.

John Russo

John Russo has spent decades writing about America’s working class.   And if Democrats want their vote he says … nothing short of a bold economic and populist agenda will do.

Joe Cirincione

Bill Press talks with Joe Cirincione, President of the Ploughshares Fund on what to expect from a summit with the United States and why Donald Trump might actually succeed.

Jim Hightower

The Koch Coup

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