#372 : A more honest telling over the right to bear arms in American History.

Why history matters. A more honest telling over the right to bear arms in American History. A more powerful understanding of the civil rights movement. And Bill Press talks with candidate Michael Eggman, a progressive democrat hoping to flip California’s 10th District.

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Law professor Adam Winkler on how even the founding fathers believed in gun control. Political Scientist Jeanne Theoharis on how the history of the civil rights movement has been sanitized and why. And Bill Press talks Candidate Michael Eggman from California’s 10th district.

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Adam Winkler

Adam Winkler has written extensively on the history of gun control and the mythology that has come to dominate our current debate. He says that laws to enhance gun safety are as old as the founding of our country.

Jeanne Theoharis

Jeanne Theoharis has written an alternative history on the civil rights movement and says that the accepted history about the movement diminishes its scope and its legacy for us today.

Michael Eggman

Bill Press talks with Michael Eggman, Democratic Candidate for California’s 10 on his plans to flip the district


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