#366 : America’s Future … who will decide?

The lasting impact of Donald Trump’s judicial appointments. The groundswell movement for redistricting reform. And Bill Press talks with Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) about military parades, memo battles and the President’s war on the FBI.

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This week, Nan Aron of the Alliance for Justice on how Donald Trump is reshaping the US Court system. Miles Rapoport of the Kennedy School at Harvard on turning the tide on political gerrymandering. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Ted Lieu of California on why he didn’t applaud everything the President said during the State of the Union, and why that makes him a patriot.

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Nan Aron

In his first year of office, Donald Trump made almost 70 judicial nominations.  Nan Aron, a leading opponent of conservative judicial nominees,  says the President is putting politics ahead of the integrity of the courts.

Miles Rapoport

Across the country, citizens and legislators are taking a stand against unfair redistricting maps, and Miles Rapoport says the outlook is bright.


Ted Lieu

Bill Press talks with California Congressman Ted Lieu.


Jim Hightower

Why the American majority despises Trump’s Washington

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