#355 : Can America’s workers find justice under a renegotiated NAFTA?

Can America’s workers find justice under a renegotiated NAFTA? After nearly a year of protests against Donald Trump, is it enough to make a difference? Plus, How the GOP tax plan turned into the latest attack on America’s health.

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This week, Dan Mauer of the Communications Workers of America outlines a progressive agenda for renegotiating NAFTA. Kenneth Andrews of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on the disruptive power of protest in the era of Donald Trump And Bill Press interviews Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee on what he calls the Republicans “terrible tax bill.”

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Dan Mauer

Communications Workers of America’s Dan Mauer says trade policy under NAFTA benefits multinational corporations at the expense of American workers and calls for a new framework that puts workers’ rights first.

Kenneth Andrews

Protest historian Kenneth Andrews says it takes enormous work to turn “movement power” into “political power” and that progressive organizers could learn something from the Tea Party.

Dan Kildee

Bill Press interviews Congressman Dan Kildee about the Republican tax bill and trading out America’s social contract for the corporate bottom line.

Jim Hightower

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