#354 : Do the 2017 elections mean the Dems need to seek a broader path?

The Virginia election means Democrats need to seek a broad path, says centrist Jim Kessler. Progressive Steve Phillips says forget Trump voters and turn out more black voters. And Bill Press talks taxes with Congressman Peter Welch.

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This week we have two Democrats, one a centrist, one more progressive, on the lessons of the smashing victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Jim Kessler of Third Way says Democrats found a candidate who fit his state, not some litmus test. Steve Phillips of Democracy in Color says winner Ralph Northam got no more white working class voters than did Hillary Clinton and that the winning difference was black turnout. And Bill Press interviews Vermont Congressman Peter Welch on what the Republicans are up to on taxes.

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Jim Kessler

Political think tank executive Jim Kessler says Democrats need to tread a broader path and that Virginia was an example of finding candidates who fit their state, rather than an ideology.


Steve Phillips

Progressive activist Steve Phillips says with just a little more spending on voter turnout, especially among African Americans, Democrats have a chance to take back the Senate by winning states like Texas, Nevada, and Arizona.


Peter Welch

Bill Press interviews Congressman Peter Welch about the looming fight over tax cuts for the rich.


Jim Hightower

Why would you let Jeff Bezos inside your home?

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