#351 : October 22, 2017

John Prados on the history of the CIA and whistleblowers … Richard Clarke on why leaders don’t listen to intelligence experts … and Bill Press interviews Joe Cirincione about one president who does not listen.

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Long-time CIA watcher John Prados answers the question of why so much information is classified, when everyone knows it already. Richard Clarke was the Bush administration official who foresaw 9-11 but was not heeded. We have an encore presentation about his new book about the Cassandra Syndrome. And Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund, talks with Bill Press about Trump’s potential to start new wars.

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John Prados

Intelligence watcher John Prados says the CIA is in danger of failing the country unless it becomes accountable for its product.


Richard Clarke

9-11 was just one instance of leaders ignoring solid evidence of impending disaster. Richard Clarke, who foresaw the tragedy, joins us in an encore segment to talk about this “Cassandra Syndrome.”


Joe Cirincione

Bill Press interviews Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund on Trump’s foreign policy.


Jim Hightower

Does Trump even know where Niger is?


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