With Trump announcing his intention to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal, we’re looking back at some of our favorite interviews on the topic of diplomacy. We hope that hearing from a few sane voices on the topic of our relationships with the rest of the world empower you to stand up and fight against the lunacy that is our current Republican leadership.


Stephen Miles

Defense policy expert Stephen Miles says that if the Iran nuclear deal is blocked by the GOP, it will lead to war


Mike Ussery

Mike Ussery, a staunch Republican, is befuddled by Donald Trump’s grasp of foreign policy


Tom Perriello

Former congressman from Virginia, Tom Perriello, just back from his visit to the Middle East, says the promising signs and unbelievable needs in Egypt speak to the necessity of maintaining funds in the U.S. budget for diplomacy and international aid.


Eddie Goldberg

Professor Eddie Goldberg, an expert on globalism, says Trump will continue blowing smoke about China but nothing will happen because the two country’s economies are too closely linked.


Michael Ussery

Michael Ussery says anti-Muslim rhetoric by some of his fellow Republicans makes things harder for American diplomacy.


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