#350 : October 15, 2017

Mark Lilla says most of America sees Democrats as obsessed with identity politics. Damon Berry answers the question, “Is Donald Trump a white nationalist?” And Bill Press interviews Congressman Ro Khanna.

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Columbia University Professor Mark Lilla has opened a wound among Democrats, arguing that the party must stop emphasizing identity politics. Religion professor Damon Berry delves into the origin of the white nationalist movement. And Congressman Ro Khanna tells Bill Press that Senator Dianne Feinstein needs a primary challenge.

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Mark Lilla

Political scientist Mark Lilla urges Democrats to stop obsessing over Donald Trump and start working to change local and state governments, where most of the issues are decided.


Damon Berry

Religion professor Damon Berry says real Christians want nothing to do with the white nationalist movement, which he says is growing.


Ro Khanna

Bill Press interviews California Congressman Ro Khanna, who says some Democrat should challenge Senator Dianne Feinstein in a primary.

Jim Hightower

Are you ready for corporate America’s robot economy?

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