#349 : October 8, 2017

Emily Bazelon delves into the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering case. Jim Zogby urges progressives to do the nuts and bolts work. And Bill Press talks Las Vegas with Roll Call’s Jason Dick.

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The Supreme Court takes up the outrageous gerrymandering of the Wisconsin legislature. Professor Emily Bazelon explains the issue for us. Political strategist Jim Zogby says Democrats must recapture the votes of the age-old coalition that used to vote for them. And Jason Dick of Roll Call discusses the prospects for gun safety legislation.

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Emily Bazelon

Legal analyst Emily Bazelon says Republican gerrymandering is so bad it would require a Democratic voting margin of 7 percent nationwide to break even in House races.

Jim Zogby

Nuts and bolts organizing is the key for progressives to turn the country around, says campaign operative Jim Zogby.

Jason Dick

Bill Press interviews Roll Call’s Jason Dick about the Las Vegas shootings.

Jim Hightower

When will Wall Street quit being stupid?

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