September 10, 2017

On the anniversary of 9-11, Jim Zogby on the campaign to turn America against Arabs and Muslims. Nathan Kalmoe on why most voters are so partisan. And Bill Press interviews editor Bob Cusack on Hillary’s new book.

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As the nation reflected on 9-11, Jim Zogby says the right wing, aided by the media, unjustly stigmatized fellow Arab Americans. Political scientist Nathan Kalmoe says engaging in partisanship is easier for most Americans than thinking about issues. And editor Bob Cusack of The Hill newspaper talks with Bill Press about Hillary Clinton’s potentially divisive new book.

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Jim Zogby

Anti-Arab-and-Muslim discrimination was fanned by the right wing after 9-11 and aided by the mainstream media, says Jim Zogby. As a result, the views of these groups are now determined by which party you belong to.


Nathan Kalmoe

Surprising findings by political scientist Nathan Kalmoe – only 20 percent of Americans are engaged enough in politics to identify as either liberal or conservative.


Bob Cusack

Bill Press and editor Bob Cusack are concerned that Hillary’s new book will divide Democrats again.


Jim Hightower

Where can Congress find the money for Hurricane Harvey?


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