August 27, 2017

Geoffrey Stone tells the history of sex and the Constitution, and Brooke Kroeger tells the history of men helping women get the vote 100 years ago. Alexi McCammond comments on Trump and Congress on the Bill Press Show.

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The Constitution doesn’t say anything about sex – though the Declaration of Independence promoted the pursuit of happiness – but for the past hundred years or so, courts have been in our bedrooms. Law Professor Geoffrey Stone has the low-down. One hundred years after women won the right to vote, professor Brooke Kroeger reveals the role that men – or “suffragents” – played in the movement. And commentator Alexi McCammond of Axios talks with Peter Ogburn on the Bill Press Show about the friction between Trump and Congress.

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Geoffrey Stone

For most of history, society had no problem with contraception, abortion, or obscenity … until state legislatures and courts became obsessed with sex. Professor Geoffrey Stone says it was because of the evangelical movement.


Brooke Kroeger

One hundred years ago… it was the pillars of New York society – men of industry, law, and letters – who marched for and helped win women’s right to vote. Professor Brooke Kroeger tells the story of the “suffragents.”


Alexi McCammond

Guest host Peter Ogburn interviews commentator Alexi McCammond on the Bill Press Show.

Jim Hightower

Trump versus the wisdom of Robert E. Lee

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