August 20, 2017

Sheryll Cashin recounts the story of Richard and Mildred Loving. Richard Rothstein indicts government for promoting segregated housing. And Bill Press interviews Jess O’Connell of the DNC.

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The legacy of racism in America is our subject this week. Author Sheryll Cashin tells the story of the Supreme Court’s “Loving v. Virginia” case and how it was the first legal mention of “white supremacy.” Richard Rothstein reveals that segregated housing is not an accident but a deliberate policy of local, state and federal governments. And the Democratic National Committee’s Jess O’Connell talks with Bill Press about the party’s new “rise and organize” program.

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Sheryll Cashin

Law professor and civil rights author Sheryll Cashin talks about the Supreme Court case – Loving v. Virginia — that first enunciated the existence of “white supremacy.”


Richard Rothstein

There is no major American city that is not racially segregated in housing says author Richard Rothstein. And it isn’t coincidence. State, local, and federal agencies made it that way on purpose.


Jess O’Connell

Bill Press interviews Jess O’Connell, head of the DNC’s new “rise and organize” campaign.

Jim Hightower

Who’s left for Trump to tweet-bomb?

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