August 13, 2017

Nathan Kalmoe says the vast majority of voters pay zero attention to issues. James Forman argues that criminal justice ought to be approached from a public health perspective. And Bill Press talks with author Jon Allen about North Korea.

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Political science professor Nathan Kalmoe reveals that people vote based not on policy questions but on party, as if supporting their favorite sports team. Law professor James Forman Junior talks about the crisis in the criminal justice system and how every element of law enforcement passes the buck. And political author Jon Allen talks with Bill Press about Trump and North Korea..

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Nathan Kalmoe

Professor Nathan Kalmoe explains what we think we already knew – people nowadays vote based on party identification and group identity rather than on what they believe.

James Forman Junior

There are plenty of villains in a system in which 7 million people are under criminal justice supervision, but law professor James Forman Junior says they aren’t just Nixon, Reagan, and Sessions, but all of us.

Jon Allen

Bill Press interviews Jon Allen, author of “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

Jim Hightower

Who’ll help America’s hard-hit gold miners?

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