August 6, 2017

Richard Clarke explains the Cassandra syndrome — why experts are ignored. Political scholar Dante Chinni says the Democrats can’t nominate a bore in 2020. And Bill Press interviews Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

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National security expert Richard Clarke explains why experts are so frequently ignored by policy makers on life-and-death issues. Political blogger Dante Chinni, who studies political division in red and blue America, says Trump voters are NOT getting the short end of the economic stick, but it’s shorter than it used to be. And the mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, talks with Bill Press about community policing and health care.

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Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke, an intelligence and defense expert in several administrations, says the biggest threat to national security is global warming.


Dante Chinni

What kind of presidential candidate should the Democrats nominate in 2020? Political analyst Dante Chinni says someone who is experienced, level-headed, and not a bore.

Greg Fischer

Bill Press interviews Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.


Jim Hightower

When will Wall Street quit being stupid?

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