July 30, 2017

Joan Williams says the Trump voters don’t want empathy, they want respect. T.R. Reid says tax reform is likely and the rates should be progressive and fair. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Dave Cicilline.

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Professor Joan Williams explains the political chasm in America is about class. Author and journalist T.R. Reid has studied the history of tax reform, and every 32 years it happens. So get ready for tax reform in 2018. And Rhode Island Congressman Dave Cicilline and Bill Press talk about the Democratic Party’s “Better Deal.”

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Joan Williams

Professor Joan Williams says the political chasm is all about class and that the white working class doesn’t want empathy, it wants respect and a modest standard of living.

T.R. Reid

Every 32 years, Congress overhauls the tax system. Author T.R. Reid says the cycle pops up again next year, and it is going to happen because no one, absolutely no one, likes the current system.


Dave Cicilline

Bill Press interviews Rhode Island Congressman Dave Cicilline about the Democrats’ Better Deal.

Jim Hightower

Should churches become Unholy Temples of Dark Money?


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