July 9, 2017

James Forman Jr says black local officials are often the toughest on crime. Jeff Pegues reviews the history of police antagonism toward minorities. And Bill Press interviews civil rights lawyer Ezra Rosenberg on voting laws.

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Law Professor James Forman Jr says it is important to remember that almost all criminal justice decisions are made at the local level – often by African American officials. CBS legal correspondent Jeff Pegues runs down the recent history of black versus blue relations in urban America. And voting rights lawyer Ezra Rosenberg tells Bill Press about the fallacious attempt by a Trump commission to prove voter fraud.

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James Forman Jr

Yale law professor and former public defender James Forman Jr notes that to get elected, African American local officials often are tougher than anyone else on criminal justice issues.


Jeff Pegues

Stop-and-frisk procedures are responsible for driving a wedge between local communities and the police, says CBS legal correspondent Jeff Pegues.


Ezra Rosenberg

Bill Press interviews civil rights lawyer Ezra Rosenberg about the fallacy of Trump trying to prove voting irregularities.

Jim Hightower

Should lousy, low-wage “jobs” count as jobs?


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