July 2, 2017

T.R. Reid says it’s time for tax reform. David Callahan explains what the charitable tax deductions mean for philanthropy. And Matt Fuller talks Trumpcare on the Bill Press Show.

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Tax reform is next on Mitch McConnell’s to-do list, and author T.R. Reid says Congress has an opportunity to make April 15 just another sunny spring day. Journalist David Callahan is an expert on the world of philanthropy, and he says charitable giving will never replace government support for worthy causes. And, filling in for Bill Press, Peter Ogburn and Jonathan Levy interview Matt Fuller on Trumpcare.

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T. R. Reid

Tax reform has happened every 32 years, and author T. R. Reid tells us it is time again and how the system could be made a lot fairer. And he exposes another Trump lie, noting that America is one of the most UNDER-taxed industrial nations.

David Callahan

Philanthropy expert David Callahan has studied why rich people give money, and, basically, they want to change public policy in education, health care, and criminal justice.

Matt Fuller

Peter Ogburn and Jonathan Levy interview Matt Fuller on the Bill  Press Show about Trumpcare.

Jim Hightower

Why can’t our economy promote equality and shared prosperity?


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