June 11, 2017

Jonathan Allen on the doomed Clinton campaign. Jeff Pegues on the Black Lives Matter movement. And Bill Press with Cory Bennett on Russian political hacking.

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With former FBI director Jim Comey in the news, we have two interviews touching on his work. Best-selling author Jonathan Allen tells why Hillary Clinton lost the election, with the FBI investigation of her emails a large part of it. CBS justice correspondent Jeff Pegues reveals Comey’s involvement in talking to law enforcement about minority discontent with policing practices. And Bill Press interviews Politico’s Cory Bennett about Russian hacking of both America and the Middle East country of Qatar.

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Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen is co-author of a best-seller about what went wrong with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He says, bluntly, “You have to know why you are the right person to be president of the United States.”

Jeff Pegues

CBS correspondent Jeff Pegues has written a book about “Black and Blue,” the divide between police and communities of color. He reveals that former FBI Director Jim Comey played a big role in trying to bridge that gap.

Cory Bennett

Bill Press interviews Politico’s Cory Bennett about Russian computer hacking around the world.

Jim Hightower

General Trump’s Twitter bombs

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