June 4, 2017

Teresa Ghilarducci on saving private pensions. Phil Keisling on a simple way to get more people to vote. And the Sierra Club’s John Coequyt assesses Trump’s climate change policy.

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Labor economist Teresa Ghilarducci offers a plan for a secure retirement for all Americans and explains why raising the retirement age robs seniors of well-deserved benefits. Increasing the turnout is a huge concern for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling says voting by mail is the answer. And Bill Press interviews the Sierra Club’s John Coequyt on how Trump, unlike Bogie and Bergman, will never have Paris.

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Teresa Ghilarducci

Teresa Ghilarducci, a prominent labor economist, says the private retirement system is broken and works for only a few very rich people. She has a plan to fix it.

Phil Keisling

If everyone was allowed to vote by mail, as in Oregon, weather would not be a factor in turnout, fraud would be even less likely than it is now, and more people would be casting ballots. Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling argues for abandoning polling places.

John Coequyt

Bill Press interviews John Coequyt of the Sierra Club about Trumps abandoning of the Paris climate change agreement.,

Jim Hightower

Who is Mick Mulvaney… and why is he so awful?


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