May 7, 2017

Two female professors, Deborah Rohde and Susie Linfield, talk about empowering women. Bill Press talks about “the Equality Act” with Congressman David Cicilline.

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Hillary Clinton has come out of her post-election shell as just an individual member of “the Resistance.” And feminist law professor Deborah Rhode describes what the last election means for women candidates, while journalism professor Susie Linfield believes Clinton voters need to start showing humility and go beyond vilifying Trump supporters. And Bill Press interviews Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline about his “Equality Act.”

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Deborah Rhode

Deborah Rhode is a law professor at Stanford and author of a new book, “Women and Leadership,” and she says putting women in power is not the same as empowering women.

Susie Linfield

New York University professor Susie Linfield says coastal progressives need to figure out what’s happening in the rest of the country instead of vilifying Trump supporters as buffoons.

David Cicilline

Bill Press interviews Congressman David Cicilline about his proposed “Equality Act.”

Jim Hightower

How is Trump Like Humpty-Dumpty?

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