April 30, 2017

Centrist Jim Kessler on the power of purple America. David Callahan on the power of philanthropy. And Bill Press with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, sponsor of the “No-Trump Act.”

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Centrist leader Jim Kessler says the rank and file have disappeared in both political parties. Philanthropy expert David Callahan explains who the new philanthropists are and why they give money. And Bill Press interviews Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer on anti-Trump actions.

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Jim Kessler

Jim Kessler is vice president for policy of the Third Way, a centrist think tank, and he notes that Democrats have lost power because their base lives in very few enclaves, and rarely in rural areas.

David Callahan

Author David Callahan says progressive groups are leading the fight against money in politics but are ignoring the role of money in philanthropy, partly because they’re on the dole themselves.

Earl Blumenauer

Bill Press interviews Congressman Earl Blumenauer on a 25th Amendment solution to Donald Trump.

Jim Hightower

Real news, fake news… and BS news

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