April 23, 2017

Edward Goldberg on the dangers of an America First agenda. Todd Gitlin with advice to progressives to focus on one core message. And Bill Press with political analyst Steve Phillips.

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Globalist Edward Goldberg warns that an America First agenda increases the chances of war because of economic disruption. Professor Todd Gitlin says progressives have a problem – they are afraid of power! And Bill Press interviews political analyst Steve Phillips.

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Eddie Goldberg

Professor Eddie Goldberg warns that Trump’s America First agenda represents a 19th Century view of the world, which is really the same as Putin’s.

Todd Gitlin

Todd Gitlin, who chronicled the 1960s, says Trump is so vile that opposition will hold together for a while, but that progressives better stop being afraid of gaining and holding power.

Steve Phillips

Bill Press interviews Steve Phillips on Democratic electoral prospects.

Jim Hightower

Wall Street Plowboys.

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