February 26, 2017

Fred Harris has advice for younger Democrats, Vinnie Rontondaro explains how physical pain led people to vote for Trump. And Ben Wikler talks about the resistance on the Bill Press Show.

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With the big to-do over choosing a new Democratic National Committee chair, former DNC head and Senator Fred Harris, says the message has to be “we care about you, too.” Author Vinnie Rotondaro examines how Trump preyed upon the physical pain of many voters. And Bill Press interviews Ben Wikler, the Washington Director of Move-on.org

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Fred Harris

Fred Harris, sometimes called the godfather of populism, says progressives need to build a farm team now that we’ve lost a whole generation of younger people who should have been in Congress by now.

Vinnie Rotondaro

Donald Trump preyed on people’s physical, as well as economic pain, to get elected, but Vinnie Rotondaro says the president won’t take away their distress. “He’s just another pill – a temporary high.”

Ben Wikler

Bill Press interviews Ben Wikler, the Washington director of Move-on.org

Jim Hightower

Wall Street Plowboys.

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