February 5, 2017

Arthur Lupia on why most voters are so ignorant. Jeff Hauser on presidential ethics. And Bill Press interviews DNC chair candidate Tom Perez.

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Political scientist Arthur Lupia explains why most people are ignorant about political issues and why Democrats fail to provide quick and easy answers. Ethics advocate Jeff Hauser runs down the astounding number of Trump’s conflicts of interest. And Tom Perez, candidate for chair of the DNC, tells Bill Press the party needs to knock on doors at the state and local level.

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Arthur Lupia

Political scientist Arthur Lupia, an expert on voter ignorance, says most people want quick and easy answers to their problems.

Jeff Hauser

Jeff Hauser is executive director of the Revolving Door Project and he says what we don’t know about Trump’s massive conflicts of interest is more important than what we do know.

Tom Perez

Bill Press interviews Tom Perez, who is running to become chair of the DNC.

Jim Hightower

Why is George Orwell’s “1984” a bestseller again?

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