January 29, 2017

Melvin Goodman on Trump’s dangerous national security ploys. Susie Linfield warns progressives it’s time for a little humility. And Bill Press interviews Democratic strategist Brad Woodhouse.

Melvin Goodman spent 42 years in government service as an intelligence analyst. He says Trump’s disparagement of the CIA is incredibly dangerous. Susie Linfield, a journalism professor at NYU, says progressives have to learn to fight Trump without demonizing his supporters. And Democratic strategist Brad Woodhouse tells Bill Press that the centers of Trump opposition will be the Senate, Democratic attorneys general, and the courts.

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Melvin Goodman

Veteran intelligence officer Melvin Goodman says Trump’s belittling of the CIA and other agencies is “incredibly dangerous” for national security as are his top appointees.

Susie Linfield

Professor Susie Linfield says progressives must learn from the Civil Rights Movement how to oppose Trump without hating his supporters.

Brad Woodhouse

Bill Press interviews Democratic strategist Brad Woodhouse about where the party can best muster opposition to Trump.

Jim Hightower

Why so many people loath Congress.

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