January 22, 2017

Populist icon Fred Harris says the Democratic Party needs to rebuild from the ground up. Republican Mike Ussery puts his faith in Congress to do the right thing. And Bill Press interviews Pete Buttigieg, a candidate for DNC chair.

Fred Harris, once the chair of the Democratic National Committee and the leading populist in America, says the party must rebuild from the ground up. Republican ex-diplomat Mike Ussery says Vladimir Putin is playing a weak hand very strongly. And Bill Press interviews Pete Buttigieg, a darkhorse candidate for chair of the Democratic National Committee.

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Fred Harris

Fred Harris, once called the godfather of populism and a former chair of the DNC, urges the party to rebuild from the bottom up with all its interest groups pulling together.

Mike Ussery

Mainstream Republican foreign policy expert Mike Ussery wonders whether the system will modify Trump’s style or whether the president will be a wrecking ball taking destruction to the outer limits.

Pete Buttigieg

Coming up, Bill Press talks DNC politics with Pete Buttigieg, who is running to become party chair.

Jim Hightower

What’s being taught at Koch Kollege?

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