January 15, 2017

Gene Stone on how to survive Trump … Jeff Hauser on Trump’s Cabinet appointees. And Bill Press interviews Michael Wilner of the Jerusalem Post.

The book on Donald Trump is already out. Author Gene Stone has written “The Trump Survival Guide,” advice for living through what we never thought would happen. Anti-Trump activist Jeff Hauser says Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third is the most appalling Cabinet selection in history. And Bill Press talks about Trump’s policy toward Israel with Michael Wilner of the Jerusalem Post.

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Gene Stone

“Everybody has to do something,” says author Gene Stone, who has written “The Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living Through What You Hoped Would Never Happen.”

Jeff Hauser

Jeff Hauser, a leader in the opposition to Trump’s Cabinet appointees, says the new president thinks his Electoral College victory gives him a mandate for hiring the most unqualified people to run the government.

Michael Wilner

Bill Press talks foreign policy with Michael Wilner of the Jerusalem Post.

Jim Hightower

The new founder.

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