January 8, 2017

Richard Conley says Trump can easily ruin his honeymoon with Congress. Bruce Springsteen says the very people he writes about are the ones getting shafted by Trump. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Raul Ruiz.

Professor Richard Conley, an expert on congressional and presidential relations, says Trump could be in for a rough honeymoon with Congress if he keeps villainizing people. The boss, Bruce Springsteen, tells podcaster Marc Maron that it is the people he writes about who are going to be the most negatively affected by a Trump presidency. And Bill Press talks with California Congressman Raul Ruiz about Obamacare and other topics.

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Richard Conley

Professor Richard Conley has a new book about presidential relations with Congress. This time, he says, they may not work out too well. And, he says, presidents who lose the popular vote aren’t usually successful.

Bruce Springsteen

We don’t usually have entertainers on the program, but we have a special guest this week, courtesy of the podcast “WTF with Marc Maron.” Bruce Springsteen talks with Marc about the irony of the very people the Boss writes about in his songs being hoodwinked by Trump.

Get Bruce Springstein’s new autobiography, Born to Run and make sure to check out Marc Maron at wtfpod.com

Raul Ruiz

Bill Press talks with California Democrat Raul Ruiz about prospects for the 115th Congress.

Jim Hightower

Searching for integrity in Trumplandia

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