December 18, 2016

Dan Rodgers says Democrats should take a poke at a very fragile Republican Party. Millionaire Chuck Collins says his class benefits when income inequality is reduced. And Larry Cohen tells Bill Press about what Sanders progressives are planning.

Prominent historian Dan Rodgers has some good news among the election wreckage – the Republican Party is a fragile alliance and Democrats can exploit it. With a Cabinet of the stupendously rich, Patriotic Millionaire Chuck Collins argues that income inequality is bad for everyone – them, too! And Bernie Sanders supporter Larry Cohen tells Bill Press about the future of a new PAC called “Our Revolution.”

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Dan Rodgers

Prominent historian Dan Rodgers has written a provocative essay called “What Next for Liberalism?” The answer, he says, is infiltrating state and local government to undo the gerrymandering and everything else Republicans have accomplished state-by-state.

Chuck Collins

Chuck Collins is a millionaire, an heir to the Oscar Meyer fortune. He has been working most of his life on progressive policy change and reducing income inequality. He says an unstable economy hurts the rich as well as the poor.

Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen, the head of the political action committee “Our Revolution,” talks with Bill Press about what the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is planning.

Jim Hightower

Guess who’s joined Trump’s “Barking carnival act?”

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