December 11, 2016

Allan Lichtman predicted the Trump victory. Now he predicts a Trump impeachment. Celinda Lake says Democrats have to deepen their bench. And Congressman Dan Kildee tells Bill Press what’s the matter with Michigan.

More election post-mortems: Professor Allan Lichtman explains how he predicted the Trump victory. Democratic strategist Celinda Lake says the party needs younger leadership and better voter turnout. And Congressman Dan Kildee tells Bill Press how the Democrats managed to lose their base in his state of Michigan.

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Allan Lichtman

Professor Allan Lichtman has correctly predicted every presidential election since he started doing so in 1984. Now he gives reasons why Trump might be impeached – his lifelong illegal actions, his authoritarianism and the Republican Party’s love for predictability.

Celinda Lake

Democratic strategist Celinda Lake says presidential campaign polling relied on faulty predictions of turnout. Plus, she says, there was a “secret” Trump vote.

Dan Kildee

Coming up, Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee explains to Bill Press how the party lost his home state of Michigan.

Jim Hightower

How is “Trump’s Washington” like a Jacuzzi?

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