October 30, 2016

David Daley says Republicans are the real election-riggers. Peter Marcuse says housing is no longer a place to live but a real estate investment. And Annie Linskey tells Bill Press about what Elizabeth Warren will demand of Hillary Clinton.

Think the election is rigged? Author David Daley says elections have always been rigged – by Republicans. Professor Peter Marcuse calls our attention to the housing crisis – signified by increasing numbers of renters and decreasing numbers of single family homes. And Bill Press interviews the Boston Globe’s Annie Linskey, about what the progressive wing of the party will demand of a President Hillary Clinton.

David Daley

David Daley has written a book about years of Republican dirty tricks. But he also blames Democrats for ignoring the takeover of state legislatures with tactics that were right in front of them.

Peter Marcuse

Professor Peter Marcuse says we are in a permanent crisis in housing in the country, and he blames an economic system that makes a place to live less of a roof over your head and more of a real estate deal.

Annie Linskey

Coming up, the Boston Globe’s Annie Linskey tells Bill Press what to look for from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the party if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

Jim Hightower

Walling them out, or walling us in?

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