October 2, 2016

Celinda Lake says the presidential race will come down to how independents vote. Mark Gersh predicts at least 10-15 House seats will switch, and former Treasurer of the United States Rosario Marin, a Republican, tells Bill Press she is supporting Hillary.

Two Democratic campaign pro’s handicap the presidential and congressional campaign. Pollster Celinda Lake says it’s a tight race that will depend on how independents and low-information voters act. House campaign expert Mark Gersh says the House is ripe for a switch, but realistically Democrats should gain 10 to 15 seats, more if there’s a Hillary landslide. And Republican former Treasurer of the United States, Rosario Marin, tells Bill Press why she is supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Celinda Lake

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake says Democrats need to be worried about those voters who identify themselves as independents.

Mark Gersh

Democratic political strategist Mark Gersh says Bernie Sanders will play a big role in persuading young voters to support Hillary Clinton.

Rosaria Marin

Former Treasurer of the United States, Rosaria Marin, a Republican, tells Bill Press why she is supporting

Jim Hightower

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