September 11, 2016

Democratic strategist Vic Fingerhut, journalist and author John Judis, and Bill Press with polling expert Dante Chinni.

Vic Fingerhut is a Democratic strategist who is concerned that the Clinton campaign is not doing all it can to win a critical voting group. Author John Judis explores the populist explosion in American politics and around the world. And political scientist Dante Chinni tells Bill Press what the latest polls mean.

Vic Fingerhut

Progressive political strategist Vic Fingerhut is warning the Clinton campaign not to ignore the key swing group in the election – self-identified independents.

John Judis

Editor-at-large John Judis of Talking Points Memo has written a book about the rebirth of populism in America. Are Democrats on the wrong side of it?

Dante Chinni

Political scientist Dante Chinni tells Bill Press how we ought to look at political polling.

Jim Hightower

Why is delivering “Mail by the Pail” important?

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