August 28, 2016

Election gurus Mark Gersh, Kyle Kondik, and Adam Wollner, on the Bill Press Show, take a deep dive into House and Senate races.

Congressional elections expert Mark Gersh predicts Democrats could win the Senate and should pick up double-digit gains in the House. Political analyst Kyle Kondik predicts a large Hillary Clinton Electoral College win but says Democrats have forfeited the House until after 2020. And the National Journal’s Adam Wollner, interviewed by Bill Press, also takes a deep dive into the down-ballot races.

Mark Gersh

Mark Gersh is an expert on congressional politics, and he says Democrats have a decent chance to win back the Senate but can make only small double-digit gains in House races, not enough for a majority.

Kyle Kondik

Hillary Clinton will win the electoral vote by a large margin, says University of Virginia political analyst Kyle Kondik but don’t count on Democrats flipping the House.

Adam Wollner

Coming up, the National Journal’s Adam Wollner takes us on a tour of the down-ballot races across the country, in an interview with Bill Press.

Jim Hightower

Fed up with Wall Street? Do something about it!

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