July 17, 2016

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler announces for Hillary. Political prognosticator Kyle Kondick predicts a win for Hillary. And Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas.

Former Senator Larry Pressler was a Republican, now an independent, and he heartily supports Hillary Clinton for president. Kyle Kondik forecasts elections. He has Hillary Clinton with a solid electoral majority. And Bill Press talks with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas.

Larry Pressler

Larry Pressler is a hunter and a combat veteran. He served three terms as a Republican senator from South Dakota. Now he supports Hillary Clinton, partly for her views on gun safety.

Kyle Kondick

University of Virginia political analyst Kyle Kondick says everything now points to a big win for Hillary Clinton. And, he says, pay attention to Arizona and Georgia.

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Bill Press interviews Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson about relations between police forces and the community.

Jim Hightower

Winning even when losing.

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