July 10, 2016

Commentator Fred Rotondaro says Trump is a threat to democracy. Professor Jacob Hacker says you can’t have prosperity without a strong government. And Bill Press interviews Sanders backer Joseph Zogby.

Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Hillary’s campaign is hampered by Bill’s and her tendency to say dumb things but Donald Trump’s campaign is a threat to democracy. Yale Professor Jacob Hacker makes the case for strong government to make markets work and ensure prosperity. And Bill Press talks with Joseph Zogby, a Sanders member of the Democratic platform committee.

Fred Rotondaro

Progressive commentator Fred Rotondaro says despite Hillary Clinton’s recent problems, she will have the campaign organization and the entire Democratic Party behind her to launch her into the White House.

Jacob Hacker

The fact that so many people are hostile to government is a reminder of what Yale Professor Jacob Hacker calls “American Amnesia” about how regulation brought scientific advances and ensured prosperity.

Joseph Zogby

Bill Press interviews Joseph Zogby, a Sanders representative to the Democratic platform committee.

Jim Hightower

What does it mean to “gig” American workers?

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