July 3, 2016

Conservative economist Clyde Prestowitz says the era of free trade is over. Social essayist Thomas Frank says the Clintons and Obama have enacted a Republican agenda. And Bill Press interviews Politico’s Elena Schneider.

Republican trade expert Clyde Prestowitz says the winners in free trade are the 1 per cent and the losers are everyone else. Progressive author Thomas Frank asks “What the hell happened to Barack Obama?” The question is part of his belief that too many Harvard grads are making a mess of things. And Bill Press talks with Politico’s Elena Schneider about Senate elections.

Clyde Prestowitz

Clyde Prestowitz is a labor economist who served in the Reagan and Clinton Administrations. He gives us a pretty good explanation of what free trade is all about. Hint: It isn’t about trade, it’s about investment.

Thomas Frank

What’s gone wrong with the Democratic Party of the New Deal? Author Thomas Frank says the party has become identified with the affluent professional class, not the middle class.

Elena Schneider

Bill Press interviews political reporter Elena Schneider of Politico.

Jim Hightower

Why was the “Brexit” vote so shocking to global elites?

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