June 26, 2016

Dirty politics week! David Daley reveals how Republicans have screwed Democrats through gerrymandering and Andrew Gumbel explains how Republicans suppress votes.

Salon editor David Daley has written a new book provocatively titled “Rat-Effed,” about how Republicans openly manipulated the political process to take control of Congress. Journalist Andrew Gumbel is an expert on dirty elections. He says the Democrats have many problems, including choosing to live too close to other Democrats. And Peter Ogburn of the Bill Press Show interviews reporter David Fahrenthold about Donald Trump’s phony charities.

David Daley

David Daley, the author of an acclaimed new book called “Rat-Effed,” accuses the Republicans of a conspiracy to take over the government – except they did it openly right under the noses of the Democrats.

Andrew Gumbel

The Democrats routinely get more votes across the country in elections for Congress. But Republicans are in charge. Journalist Andrew Gumbel says it’s due to gerrymandering and suppressing Democratic votes.

David Fahrenthold

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, on the Bill Press Show, exposes Donald Trump’s phony charitable donations.

Jim Hightower

Paul Ryan has some snake oil for you.

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