June 12, 2016

Jennifer Lawless and Fred Rotondaro analyze the current state of the presidential race. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Sandy Levin of Michigan.

As Hillary Clinton homes in on the Democratic presidential nomination, political science professor Jennifer Lawless says that voting for women is no longer a novelty for most people. Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Bernie Sanders is not going to allow Donald Trump to win the White House, but Hillary still has to reassure his supporters. And Bill Press interviews Representative Sandy Levin of Michigan on the GOP anti-poverty plan.

Jennifer Lawless

Political scientist and feminist Jennifer Lawless says the polarization of politics has helped women candidates because voters now look at party affiliation and not gender.

Fred Rotondaro

Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Bernie Sanders will not do anything to allow Trump to win the White House, but Hillary Clinton has plenty of work to do to bring Sanders supporters into her camp,

Sandy Levin

Bill Press interviews Michigan Congressman Sandy Levin on Paul Ryan’s latest anti-poverty scheme.

Jim Hightower

Donald Drumpf is deranged.

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