May 29, 2016

Jacob Hacker reminds us that it was government that made America great. Alex Hertel-Fernandez says progressives need to focus on the states. And Bill Press interviews New York Congressman Sean Maloney.


Political scientist Jacob Hacker says Americans are amnesiacs. Many have forgotten what already made it great. The answer, he says, is government. Harvard scholar Alexander Hertel-Fernandez examines how and why Democrats have been throttled in state and local politics. And Bill Press interviews New York Congressman Sean Maloney about the House actually standing up for LGBT rights.


Jacob Hacker

Yale political scientist Jacob Hacker has written a book called “American Amnesia.” What have we forgotten? He documents that life is better – and America remains great – due to actions of government.

Alex Hertel-Fernandez

If you want to get progressive values enacted across the country, Harvard scholar Alex Hertel-Fernandez says work at the state and local level – just the way conservatives have trounced liberals in the past.


Sean Maloney

New York Congressman Sean Maloney tells Bill Press about how Republicans were shamed into supporting LGBT rights on the House floor.

Jim Hightower

How a foreign Beer pulled a coup on “America”

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