May 22, 2016

Sean Wilentz asks “what’s wrong with partisanship?” Joseph William Singer asks “what’s so bad about regulation.” And Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Nita Lowey.


This week we hear from a couple of prominent professors who have the guts to say what few people want to admit. Princeton historian Sean Wilentz says partisanship is actually good for democracy, and Harvard law professor Joseph William Singer speaks up in defense of government regulation, AND how conservatives benefit from it. And Congresswoman Nita Lowey of  New York tells Bill Press about efforts to fight the Zika virus, despite Republican penny-pinching.


Sean Wilentz

A lot of political observers are decrying all the partisanship in Washington. But historian Sean Wilentz reminds us that it is political parties that historically have BEEN the force that has done the MOST to convert public anger into new laws and institutions.


William Joseph Singer

Harvard professor William Joseph Singer explains just how important government regulation is to the free market system. And he says progressives are all in favor of private property – “we just want people to have some.”



Nita Lowey

New York Congresswoman Nita Lowey tells Bill Press about the congressional effort to fight the Zika virus.

Jim Hightower

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

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