May 15, 2016

Tom Frank asks what’s the matter with Democrats. Chuck McCutcheon explains political euphemisms, or doubletalk if you like. And Patriotic Millionaire Morris Pearl argues against the “carried interest” deduction.

Prominent author Thomas Frank, who wrote, “What’s the Matter With Kansas,” turns his fire on class-conscious Democrats – the upper class. D.C. journalist Chuck McCutcheon has co-authored a dictionary of political doubletalk. Or, as he puts it, everything is “just all politics.” Wall Street investor Morris Pearl argues against the interest of his former colleagues in calling for repeal of the “carried interest” deduction.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank, who a lot of people listen to, has a new book called “Listen, LIBERAL,” and he is not kind about the affluent Democrats who look down upon the party’s working class roots.

Chuck McCutcheon

What does it mean when a candidate says, “let’s put politics aside?” Journalist and author Chuck McCutcheon explains it means, “shut up and do what I want.”

Morris Pearl

Next, former Wall Street investor Morris Pearl speaks up on behalf of taxing the rich, like himself, and doing away with the tax break for hedge fund managers.

Jim Hightower

How Uber goobered and Lyft slipped down.

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