May 8, 2016

Political journalist Jonathan Allen on Trump versus Clinton … Political scientist and election forecaster Alan Abramowitz says it will probably be Clinton … and Democratic operative Sadie Weiner tells Bill Press about Democratic Senate prospects.

Now that it looks like a Clinton-Trump presidential campaign, journalist Jonathan Allen, who wrote a book about Hillary, says the contest could be about who is more unlikeable. Political prognosticator Alan Abramowitz says an election without an incumbent is hard to predict but he thinks a Clinton victory is the more likely. And Bill Press interviews Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokeswoman Sadie Weiner.

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen wrote a book about Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, and although her service may be a big campaign issue, he says the real contest will be about which candidate can paint the other one as more unlikeable.

Alan Abramowitz

Professor Alan Abramowitz has a good record of predicting presidential elections, and he says Hillary Clinton is the most likely winner, but he also says don’t expect a landslide.

Sadie Weiner

Bill Press interviews Sadie Weiner of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Jim Hightower

How Donnie Trump saved America.

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